We founded VisualBoston to help companies get ROI from quality design.

Obsessing over the smallest details in a design can ultimately provide a memorable experience for customers that become loyal to your brand. We take pride in our work and are honored to help teams grow and succeed.

  • Alec Harrison

    Alec Harrison

    A UI/UX design professional with more than a decade of experience leading iOS, Android and Web-based product design from concept to launch.

  • Mark Stenquist

    Mark Stenquist

    An experienced software engineer who finds joy in building beautiful things on the web.

Our Values

  • We make every dollar count

    We make every dollar that you invest count

  • We care about your project

    We treat your project as if it were our own

  • Professional

    We’re professional and easy to work with

  • On time and budget

    Always on budget and on time

Why we're different




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