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hoo.be is an invite-only platform for today's leading creators. The web app allows influencers across all platforms to have one easy-to-manage page that showcases the content that matters the most to their fans. hoo.be creators consist of the top influencers in all major categories, ranging from Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos to Steve Aoki.


hoo.be needed on-going UX/UI strategy, design and front end development for their web application for both the creator-side, who edits and manages their pages, as well as their fan's experience. We've been helping co-create hoo.be for the past two years and continue to grow with their success together.

Keeping it clean and simple

Since hoo.be's creators are so busy and their competitors provide customization overload, one of our main focuses has been keeping the interface clean and simple to the end user.

Service Offerings


We pride ourselves on our clean, well-written code that can scale as you grow. We write tests to ensure our code is reliable and works consistently. We’ll help walk you through which features can potentially be solved using third-party solutions vs. what you want to build from scratch and why.

Product Design Strategy

We’ll help define who your customers are and prioritize which features are most valuable to them while aligning with your business goals. Our process will help you stay laser focused on bringing your product to life, saving time and money along the way.


You’ll have user-friendly design mock-ups that not only look great, but have been tested and validated with potential users using interactive prototypes. Developers will be part of the process and have organized and annotated designs to make implementation a breeze.

Streamlined product and design system management

We created and maintained a design system for the Hoo.be team to keep all components consistent.

“I have worked with the VisualBoston team for several years and they are the perfect extension to a scaling company in need of product expertise. As a non technical founder, scaling your product team can always be a little unsettling but with VisualBoston there is always full transparency and a clear understanding of the immense value they bring to the table.”

Jordan GreenfieldCEO @ hoo.be

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