Fan Power
UX/UI Design

Helping Sports Fans Make Their Picks


FanPower is a software that enables sports leagues, teams, venues and brands to supercharge data acquisition, fan engagement and audience growth.


We assisted the FanPower team in updating their web-based widget, which allows new and existing users to make "picks" related to sports.'

We improved the UX/UI design to create a more visually captivating user experience that supports a wide range of questions and sports.

Our primary focus was on improving the conversion rate in the first opportunity area addressed. We were able to help the team increase the conversion rate by 532% within the first few months.

Make your pick

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to create a sport picker that was flexible enough to work for various sports. What might work for the NFL may not be optimal for another sport. After several sketches and design experiments, we came up with a simple, straightforward solution for each of the pickers.

Landing page to promote the pickup widget

We were responsible for designing Pickup's website, which had a primary goal of attracting new business partners and explaining the competitive advantages of using this widget. These advantages include the ability to identify users' location, phone number, preferences, behaviors, analytics, and a database with all this information readily available.

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