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Bastion Health is an app-based telehealth platform for helping men with their reproductive and prostate health, offering quick and convenient access to urologists and men's health specialists.


They came to us initially to help improve the UX/UI to an existing native mobile app. Over the past two years, we've had the pleasure of providing ongoing design support for new features in the mobile app, internal web app, and even marketing initatives.

Book an appointment

Users share information about their needs and goals using an interactive bot. They then schedule an appointment to talk to a real specialist to help start their personalized care using an in-app video call.

Have a clear plan

After speaking with their care team, users have access to their care coordinator and appointments with clear action plans for next steps.

Get access to information

Users have access to personalized resources such as blog articles and medical handouts shared by their care team.

User feedback was key to driving success

We conducted remote real-time user tests (moderated) to help gain a better understanding of user's overall experience and expectations. Within this timeframe, we gained insight into general performance of the mobile app, success of booking a doctor, consistent subscription model & general app flow, and possible potential pain points.

We also supported the Bastion team with weekly analytic reports to help communicate how conversion rates were performing based on our findings.

Managed their product and design system to stay focused every step of the way

We created and maintained a design system for the Bastion team to keep all components consistent. Along the way, we helped them implement a product design process in their Jira account that allowed them define, design, implement, and iterate.

“We’ve been working with VisualBoston on multiple projects in the last year. They have delivered high-quality product design and user testing. The VisualBoston team has been well integrated with our internal team and their approachability and adaptability were impressive. They do a great job with project management and meeting deadlines and their workflows allow easy, effective, and productive remote work. ”

Reza Amin, PhDCEO @ Bastion

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